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Do you love the Saxophone? I do, and I have spent many, MANY hours online, looking for
great Saxophone Videos to share! I have also been doing my best to upload the best Sax Videos
I can possibly produce on You Tube!

Sax Video Clips

I have lots of Sax and Flute video online and a very active channel on You Tube! gvSAXBOY is my Saxophone Channel, full of Sax Videos (some Flute and EWI) by Saxophonist Greg Vail with genres covering Smooth Jazz Video, Traditional Jazz Video, Gospel Jazz Video and Christmas Video clips.

Play lists cover each genre and each instrument, with areas for Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and a few videos feature the Baritone Saxophone, Flute and EWI.

We have also spent hundreds of hours watching Jazz Videos on You Tube and have added many amazing Saxophone related videos to our Favorites list on my You Tube Channel.

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You Tube for Video Search - How Does You Tube Rank Videos?
How can I get people to watch my Videos?

Let me share a few things I have learned on You Tube over the past few years.

You Tube Surfing - usually starts with a basic search for and artist or music style.
Continue reading about YouTube Search and How to get high rank for your videos.

Saxophone Videos ~ Sax Clips

I have been on You Tube for 82 Months with over 3,950,000 views on the 73 Saxophone Music Videos I have posted on my main YouTube Channel - gvSAXBOY!! My You Tube Channel page has over  OVER 3274 Subscribers to the channel. If you have a YouTube Log In - then YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE to gvSAXBOY Channel !! When you 'SUBSCRIBE' you get the latest Sax Videos, updates and You Tube posts on Greg Vail You Tube Channels!

You Tube Video Channel #2 - SAXBOYvid is a smaller B Channel. It has NAMM Conference clips, my kids, live church music, concert rehearsal clips, more silly stuff - B content overall but stuff I thought would be fun to post. I have tons of video clips I want to eventually add to this new Channel. Check it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts or just say HEY!

Featured Saxophone Videos for February 2015

The featured sax clips are right off the top 5 viewed
Greg Vail Sax Videos for the entire year of 2014!

#1 Europa by Greg Vail (early 90's) got over 78K views! YES The hair is funny now....

#2 You're The Biggest Part Of Me featuring Greg Vail on Alto Sax and an entire sax section!

#3 is a Love Song that has been used on nearly 40 videos on You Tube and
has a lifetime view count over 325,000 views on this take!
Greg Vail and Love's Gift featuring the Soprano Sax.

#4 Sorry - another Love Song Sax Video made the top 5 for 2014!
That's What Friends Are For features Greg Vail on the Tenor Saxophone
and YOU ALL really liked it! It has been watched over 84 days non-stop 8)

#5 IS REPLACED by a Love Song that is always shared around Valentines Day!!!!

For More sax videos - Custom Players are full of Saxophone and other Wind Video Clips!
Click below for more pages here or check out my You Tube Page - 8)~

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