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YouTube Video Sharing

How do you share videos from YouTube?

I have a few YouTube pages up now covering how YouTube works and suggestions for getting high rank on your You Tube Videos. This article will deal with Sharing You Tube Videos. Can I Share them? How do I share video? Face Book? My Space? Email? BLOG? Twitter? Website? Do I use the link URL or the embed code and when?It is pretty easy and I will explain.

I know a lot of people don't remember what they did that one time, months ago, that they sent a favorite video to a friend. If you don't do something all the time, you forget. SOOOOO - a simple bookmark to this page right now will give you your answer much faster next time! Smart??

There is a good reason for this article today. It is February right now and Valentines Day is coming. I have produced videos inspired by the events of the day and often send them to friends on those special holidays. Often I get an email back asking HOW DID I DO THAT?? One must remember that LOVE is a 365 day event, but Valentines Day, Anniversaries or Birthdays are great times to find MANY WAYS to say you care!

VIDEO SHARING is FREE! GUYS?? Another way to make a few points with that special girl and FREE!! That's why I am taking the time - enough said.....

Can I share? Is it legal?

You can share You Tube content! YouTube was designed to be viral. We hear that word all the time. It means shared with 2 people who share it with 2 more and so on. As long as YouTube has a video online it is safe to share it from You Tube. The legalities of ripping software that allow pulling clips off YouTube to post as your own - sounds to me like that is an issue and I would suggest you follow YouTube rules and only post that which you have created or own. BUT SIMPLE SHARING?? If it is available from YouTube, it's going to be OK since you are sharing YouTube content.

How do I share YouTube Videos?


Probably the easiest way is using the SHARE BUTTON on You Tube. You can add the person or people you want to send it to from either your YouTube friends or by email address and add a personal note. The video is sent from YouTube and it all takes 1 minute - that simple.


Each You Tube Video has a Share URL right under the description, top right. You can copy paste this into an email to share real easy with friends. I would say that this is the most common way I get videos from friends. It is just a link that you click on from an email and you go to the You Tube Page and see the clip!


After selecting SHARE you can click EMBED to get the code to place any video that has sharing enabled to your social or website. This can be used for adding the video to any standard HTML site. If the site reads HTML, the video will show on the page and you will watch it from the page you EMBEDED it on.

These are the 3 ways you can share a video from You Tube.

What about the Social Media

Face Book? Twitter? My Space? Orkut? Hi5? Blogger? Tumblr? StumbleUpon?

Sharing Video on Social Media

You have a few options again. YouTube is set up to go viral and share, share, share! The SHARE BUTTON on a YouTube video page has a list of Social Media sites you can share a video on, direct from the You Tube page.

When you click SHARE you get a few Social Medias as options and from there you can click "more share options" to see a good list of the more popular Social Media sites.

FACE BOOK Video Sharing

I will use Facebook as an example. You click on Facebook and a window opens for you to sign on to your Facebook account. Then you can add a personal message (limited to a small number of letters) and post it to your Face Book page. The same method works for every Social listed. You login, and most let you add a message, then you post. That simple.

Other options on Facebook, since it is a very non friendly HTML type social network -

Go to You Tube and copy the URL for a video, post it to your page in a status update and it is on your page for your friends to see.

Want to dedicate it or share it with a Face Book friend? Go to there page and do a normal wall post including the URL for the video clip. It should even open a little extra window for both these options that shows a smaller version of the clip and you will be able to watch the clip on your Face Book page without needing to go to You Tube at all. Pretty cool??

Face Book does not support and EMBEDED Code. Use only URL and post it!

MY SPACE Video Posting

As explained above - you can use the SHARE BUTTON and post to a BLOG Post or NOTE on your MySpace page - add a short personal note and hit post. I always add video on MySpace to BLOG Posts. If the amount of characters you had to type run out, you can post the clip to your BLOG and then go to the BLOG to EDIT the post and finish what you wanted to say.

MY SPACE reads HTML code so you also have the option of copying the EMBEDED code and pasting it into your profile under edit profile. You would stick the code in the same place you have added pictures or other writing stuff. Just check to make sure it didn't mess everything up.
NOTE - when adding Embeded code, you might need to grab a small version of the clip.


You can click on the icon of a gear to the right of the EMBEDED code box to customize the size and look of the Code (and the video will show on your page bigger or smaller, even can add color around it if you like). Embeding a video on the left side of your My Space can really make it look weird. Try adding it to the right side, which is usually wider and will fit a video much better! Remember what you did and where you went, write it down if you need too. Then if it is looking lame you can go back and delete the clip and you page will look like it did before.

You can always do a BLOG post or NOTE and just copy paste the entire URL you copied from the You Tube page into the doc and the link will take people to the clip on You Tube - safe and easy.

TWITTER - Share Videos

Sharing Video thru Twitter is easy. Twitter is a very basic site and all you have to do is post the URL with a few words to say what it is - watch your letter count to fit. Copy paste into an update OR SHARE from You Tube as stated above and it posts to your Twitter as a generic You Tube post with a link to the clip. Twitter does not support EMBEDED CODE posting.

EMAIL Video Clips

Emailing HTML is too large an issue to address here. It is effected by your email provider and the recipients provider and settings on both sides. The safest way to send a clip is to use the URL link and just let friends go to the You Tube page from there.


If you have a website or run a blog, you will find either URL or EMBEDING probably works fine, but you might have to check with the online helps for either if you have not already figured out how to post video.

I try to always use both when posting Video Clips. On my personal sites I use just the EMBEDED CODE so the clips just play form the page a visitor is on simply because I don't want to loose them to an afternoon of YouTube surfing if I can keep them looking around my site.


I have a number of other socials I use - Orkut, Hi5, Tagged, Reverb Nation, iLike, FLICKr, Linked In, DIGG, Band Mix, Bebo to name a few I remember right now. They are all variations on a theme. The basic information above should give you a taste as to how to address these and others yet to be released.

Sharing Videos with Friends

Sharing Video is fun and FREE! If done all the time it can be annoying. But, if done once in a while, it can be a great way to keep connected with friends and say you care when sending more gushy stuff! With all the silly "Gifts" I receive everyday on FaceBook - I can tell you a thoughtful video clip takes no more time to send and says so much more.

BOOKMARK and SHARE THIS PAGE if you think it might be useful for a friend. To SHARE ANY PAGE - just go up into the browser window that shows the URL - it will say - Copy it and paste it into an email to share.


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